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How to get the BEST price!

There are countless online stores that sell fitness equipment. 

Many are honest and genuine in their attempts to help you pick out and purchase the fitness equipment that you are looking for.

Unfortunately...many are not so genuine.  

The effects of the Pandemic on the fitness industry has been devastating.  Often we receive inquiry's from customers who were promised equipment that simply isn't available.  Each of our orders are carefully confirmed to be in stock or we will not allow the transaction to move one step further.

Communication is HUGE with us and we will talk to you and work with you as a friend would, rather than a large fitness supply company.  

At Best Choice Fitness we NEVER sell returned or refurbished equipment while giving the impression the equipment is new and problem free.  Our prices are set to beat the industry's standards, and to abide with the manufacturer's guidelines.

With that being said, you can take advantage of our various sale prices, along with the additional 5% discount that is available when checking out to compound your savings that much more!

Additionally, we have created a policy that we refer to as "Ship Assist", where we work with you to assist in the shipping amounts.  Shipping has escalated a great deal due to the Pandemic and we are doing our part in helping our customers out with the shipping cost.  

Please do NOT hesitate to send us an email regarding an item you are interested in, and how much you can save with Ship Assist.

Our promise to you is to provide you with excellent equipment at amazing prices so you will be thrilled and that you will return to buy from us for many years to come!!