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Glute Force Elite Glute Development Glute Force
Glute Force Elite Glute Development Glute Force
Glute Force Elite Glute Development Glute Force

Glute Force Elite

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    Why Buy From BestChoiceFitness

    Develop your glutes safely and scientifically with the Glute Force Elite!

    Unlike the typical GHD equipment, while doing the Nordic Curl movement, the GluteForce focuses on the target muscle groups with no pain on the quadriceps and no impact on the knee joint. The GluteForce pivots so beginners can quickly gain strength and elite users can be challenged for more resistance when needed.

    There is no cheating through the entire range of motion since the pivot point does NOT move up the quadriceps. 

    The entire posterior chain muscle group is worked as a system to better duplicate the bio-mechanics of common core functional movement to engage glutes development.

    Most typical GHD equipment only offers 1 exercise. The GluteForce offers 3 specialized and highly focused exercises: NordicCurl, ReverseGluteExtention and BOSU abdominal core crunches.

    How the GluteForce® Improves Performance

    Existing in-balance between the quad and hamstring muscles groups slow the stride.
    • The GluteForce® strengthens the stride performance by working the key sprinting muscles groups in the hamstring
    • The pivot point stays at the knee which alleviates cheating verses moving along the quadriceps like other equipment
    • No discomfort to the user

    The Nordic Curl® 's eccentric movement targets the hamstring muscle group that is most prone to injury.

    Reverse Glute Extension™ develops the gluteus muscle group thru focused muscle isolation

    Using the BOSU as the pivot point for ab crunches and leg lifts creates isolation on the targeted muscle groups.

    Why the GluteForce® works:  The Biomechanics

    The unique eccentric movement of the Nordic Curl® builds the base of hamstring (long head of the bicep femoris). Also by using the Reverse Glute Extenstion™ adds to balancing the front and rear leg muscle groups for more even push/pull strength.

    Hamstring injuries occur in the eccentric phase of the movement, which is at the end of the swing gate of the stride. Being able to work the muscle in the same phase as when the injuries occur, helps prevent and strengthen the muscle most prone to injury.

    The GluteForce® replicates the athletes’ movement in application an, with the increased activation, this focuses more gluteal movement than ham curls or squats. The resistance bands create progressive resistance thru the movement combined with the plate weight to add direct resistance.

    The BOSU creates instability to activate the core groups and adjacent muscles groups essential for agility movements.

    Warranty Agreement

    TEAM X LLC warrants to the original purchaser that GluteForce® equipment will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the following periods and in the following respects: 

    LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY - Structural Welds, Fasteners and Frame

    TWO-YEAR WARRANTY - Bushings, Sliding or Sealed Rotating Bearings, Pull Pins

    ONE-YEAR WARRANTY - Coating,  Guide Members

    NINETY-DAY WARRANTY – Grips and Ankle Pads, Seat Pads, Ankle Straps, BOSU equipment, Carabiner Hardware and all other components not mentioned elsewhere in this warranty. Rubber resistance bands are not covered under warranty.

    All  warranty  periods  begin  to  run  from  the  date  of  delivery  to  the  original  purchaser. 


    This incredible piece of equipment is shipped fully assembled on a pallet, with no setup required.  Please note that each of these units is made to order and therefore lead times can vary from 8 to 12 weeks.  We PAY for the shipping costs. All equipment fits thru a standard 36" wide door opening.  Once it arrives you are all set and ready to start using it!