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Muscle D Fitness Bicep Curl Machine Strength and conditioning Muscle D Fitness
Muscle D Fitness Bicep Curl Machine Strength and conditioning Muscle D Fitness
Muscle D Fitness Bicep Curl Machine Strength and conditioning Muscle D Fitness
Muscle D Fitness Bicep Curl Machine Strength and conditioning Muscle D Fitness

Muscle D Fitness Bicep Curl Machine

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    The Muscle D Fitness Bicep Curl Machine Benefits – At A Glance

    *Designed to activate the long and short heads of the biceps brachii muscle, which is used for pulling and lifting movements along with stabilizing the elbow. 

    *Anatomically correct cam pulley ensures the ideal muscle resistance during the entire curl movement.

    *Adjustable seat height and angled arm pad create the model exercise position, which maximizes performance and end results.

    *Swivel handles are able to self-adjust in order to accommodate a variety of different user sizes and preferences.

    *Seat height is easy to adjust from the seated position, thanks to the accessible Air-Lift function.

    *Precision bearings are used to create a smooth and fluid movement, which makes the machine easier for beginners.

    *Magnetized selection pin helps make weight stack adjustments quick and easy. 

    The bicep machine targets key muscles in the upper arm and forearm. Since biceps are used in pulling and lifting movements, this unit is useful for practical functional abilities. The bicep also help to stabilize the elbow joint, so it’s also important for day-to-day activities such as writing. If the bicep curl is performed incorrectly, then excessive strain can be placed on the elbow which may cause joint stress or injury. However our Bicep Curl Machine combines an adjustable seat with a padded arm rest to guide bio-mechanically correct curl motions. This precisely activates the bicep muscle, creating an even more effective movement which delivers faster results. The cam pulley is designed to be anatomically correct so that the proper muscular resistance is exerted throughout the whole of the curl motion (instead of just at the peak).

    The bicep machine is easily customized by members of different sizes or those with varied training needs. Swivel handles are able to self-adjust according to the grip position and size of the exerciser, ensuring that the bicep muscle is fully activated. It’s also possible to adjust the seat height from a seated position – a handy feature which other less accessible machines don’t offer.

    Some beginners find strength exercises confusing or daunting. Our equipment removes this potential barrier since they’re designed with ease-of-use in mind. Precision bearings deliver a smooth motion which allows users to concentrate on their technique instead of the machine. It also includes an instructional placard that visually illustrates how to correctly perform a bicep curl motion. Adjusting the weight stack is quick and easy thanks to the magnetic increment pin. 

    Dumbbells and bar bells are often thought to be good alternatives to machine bicep curl exercises, but don’t always suit beginners. Machines create a guided and stable movement, whereas free weights involve a foundational knowledge of correct technique. The supportive motion combined with easy operation makes strength exercising super-simple for new members. 


     Weight: 498 lbs 

     Dimensions: 46″ L x 55″ W x 60 H”

     Weight stack: 150 lb steel weight stack with magnetic selector pin.

    PLEASE NOTE:  This is a commercial piece of equipment and as such is constructed with additional strength and weight.  PLEASE consider the dimensions of the machine to ensure there will be no issues upon delivery.  

    Please be advised that orders with Muscle D Fitness could take 3 weeks to fulfill but that time frame could end up being much less.


    This equipment must be shipped freight due to its' dimensions and weight. 

    It also qualifies for “Ship Assist”, where we contribute to the overall expense of shipping the machine to you.

    Upon placing your order, we will find the best shipping price and forward that information to you, along with the amount that we will put towards the overall shipping bill.  Before the order is finalized, you will know exactly how much the total will be.