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Muscle D Fitness Leg Extension Machine Strength and conditioning Muscle D Fitness
Muscle D Fitness Leg Extension Machine Strength and conditioning Muscle D Fitness
Muscle D Fitness Leg Extension Machine Strength and conditioning Muscle D Fitness

Muscle D Fitness Leg Extension Machine

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    Leg Extension Machine Benefits – At A Glance

    *Designed to train the quadriceps – the major muscle group in the thigh.

    *Anatomically correct cam pulley distributes the ideal muscular resistance level throughout the entire extension motion.

    *Adjustable backrest enables precision knee joint alignment with the body’s axis of movement, and easy squeeze handle makes altering a breeze.

    *Seat handles secure the user in place so that the thigh muscles are isolated.

    *Variable foot roller facilitates more or less pre-stretch positions.

    *Precision bearings create a smooth extension action.

    *Magnetic selection pin helps to make weight stack adjustments quick and easy.

    The leg extension specifically targets the quadriceps, along with other coordinating muscles. This muscle group is used for moving between standing, crouching, and seated positions, as well as walking and running. It’s therefore important that they’re trained regularly to aid everyday activities.

    If extension exercises are performed incorrectly, then the knee or lower back may experience excessive levels of strain. However, the adjustable backrest on this Leg Extension Machine enables the knee joint to be precisely aligned along the body’s axis of movement.  Seat handles help to secure the user in place which ensures that the quadriceps muscles of the thigh are isolated. An adjustable foot roller facilitates greater or lesser pre-stretch positions based on user preference. The anatomically correct cam pulley is responsible for exerting the ideal resistance load throughout the complete movement.

    The leg extension is a popular unit that’s easy to adjust for exercisers of all heights and sizes. It features an adjustable back rest with an easy squeeze handle which makes customization quick and easy. This also ensures that the quads are maximally activated, yet there’s no excessive strain placed on the knee joint.

    If you’re looking to purchase a leg extension machine for sale, then the Muscle D Fitness unit is a great option. The stabilized alignment and guided motion provide a safe and effective thigh workout, making it a strong choice for any commercial fitness facility.


    Weight: 496 lbs

    Dimensions: 42″ x 50″ x 63″

    Weight stack: 200 lb steel weight stack with magnetic selector pin

    PLEASE NOTE:  This is a commercial piece of equipment and as such is constructed with additional strength and weight.  PLEASE consider the dimensions of the machine to ensure there will be no issues upon delivery.  We do suggest that you take advantage of our Professional Assembly associates, or obtain your own assembly company, to assist you in the delivery and set up of your new equipment.

    Please be advised that orders with Muscle D Fitness could take 3 weeks to fulfill but that time frame could end up being much less.


    This equipment must be shipped freight due to its' dimensions and weight. 

    It also qualifies for “Ship Assist”, where we contribute to the overall expense of shipping the machine to you.

    Upon placing your order, we will find the best shipping price and forward that information to you, along with the amount that we will put towards the overall shipping bill.  Before the order is finalized, you will know exactly how much the total will be.