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Muscle D Fitness Shoulder Press Machine Strength and conditioning Muscle D Fitness
Muscle D Fitness Shoulder Press Machine Strength and conditioning Muscle D Fitness
Muscle D Fitness Shoulder Press Machine Strength and conditioning Muscle D Fitness

Muscle D Fitness Shoulder Press Machine

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    Shoulder Press Machine Benefits – At A Glance

    *Designed to activate a range of shoulder muscles, with a converging motion for the most effective development.

    *Adjustable seat height facilitates members of different heights and sizes, without compromising on bio-mechanics.

    *Dual handgrip positions enable users to specifically isolate differing shoulder muscles depending on their goals.

    *Air-Lift seat technology makes adjustment possible from a seated position.

    *Heavy-duty pillow block bearings are used to produce a fluid motion that’s easier for beginners.

    *Magnetized selection pin helps make weight stack adjustments quick and easy.

    The shoulder press (also known as the military press machine) targets multiple muscles across the shoulders. Since the shoulders are fundamental to lifting and overhead movements, this machine is an essential asset in any fitness facility. Our Shoulder Press Machine features an adjustable seat and dual handgrip positions so that members can isolate specific shoulder muscles. The converging motion mirrors human movement and ensures effective muscular development. 

    The shoulder press adapts easily to members of varied heights and sizes, or those with different training needs. Dual handle positions mean users have two grip choices, enabling specific muscles to be targeted. The Air-Lift seat technology enables users to change the seat height without getting up – a convenient feature which is missing on other less accessible machines.

    People new to training can sometimes find strength exercises daunting. However, our Classic Line range is designed to remove this concern by putting simplicity at the forefront. Heavy-duty pillow block bearings ensure a fluid motion that facilitates correct exercise technique. The instructional placard explains how to use the machine correctly at a glance, and magnetic weight stack pin is easy to adjust.

    Although free weights are sometimes thought of as alternatives to machine shoulder press exercises, but aren’t always appropriate for beginners. Our machines ensure that overhead movements are guided and supported, unlike barbells which require a foundational level of strength. The stable motion and simple operation help to introduce strength exercises in a risk-free environment. 

    The Classic Line Shoulder Press Machine MDC-1007 enables members to isolate and target specific heads of the deltoid muscle. This is the core exercise in building broad and strong shoulders creating the aesthetically pleasing V-taper.  The shoulder press machine targets mainly the anterior deltoid as well as medial deltoid heads.  Heavy duty pillow-block bearings create a smooth motion, and contribute to the overall ergonomics of the unit. 

    The rugged style and angular tubing create a machine that’s every bit as durable as it looks. We use commercial grade steel along with other quality materials, to manufacture long-lasting products so you get the best possible return on your strength investment. Muscle D’s insight and attention to detail is outstanding and it shows in this quality commercial construction in gym design.


    • *2 position handgrips isolate different shoulder muscles

    • *Convergent pressing motion for effective development 

    • *Heavy-duty pillow block bearings for smooth operation

    • *150 lb steel weight stack with a magnetic selector pin

    • *Precision, Air-Lift seat allows different heights without leaving the seat

    • 56″ l x 60″ w x 55″ h, 427 lbs

    PLEASE NOTE:  This is a commercial piece of equipment and as such is constructed with additional strength and weight.  PLEASE consider the dimensions of the machine to ensure there will be no issues upon delivery.  We STRONGLY suggest that you take advantage of our Professional Assembly associates, or obtain your own assembly company, to assist you in the delivery and set up of your new equipment.

    Please be advised that orders with Muscle D Fitness could take 3 weeks to fulfill but that time frame could end up being much less.


    This equipment must be shipped freight due to its' dimensions and weight. 

    It also qualifies for “Ship Assist”, where we contribute to the overall expense of shipping the machine to you.

    Upon placing your order, we will find the best shipping price and forward that information to you, along with the amount that we will put towards the overall shipping bill.  Before the order is finalized, you will know exactly how much the total will be.